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2014-15 Policies of the Bel Canto Studio of Voice

Welcome to the 2014-15 Bel Canto Studio!

I am pleased to be part of the Grand Forks Community, and be able to teach what I have learned both as a Professor at Indiana University’s esteemed School of Music and as a performer in the field of Opera.  I have been teaching for 25 years and the Bel Canto Studio began in Grand Forks in 1999.  We celebrate our 15th year in the community this year!  I teach in the traditional Italian method of singing, emphasizing concepts of placement, diaphragmatic-intercostal breathing, diction, tone, language, style and musical expression. I am a self-employed professional who is dependent on lesson fees as my primary source of income, so payment in a timely matter is important.  I also serve as the Vocal Coordinator for the SPA program.  There will be times where I will have conflicts due to my busy work schedule and I ask your patience in regards to scheduling during the year.  I also mentor Assistant Teacher Elisa Olson.  She is  a wonderful addition to the studio and is an excellent teacher.  It’s a win-win!

In order to maintain the high standard of teaching I am able to offer, it is necessary that I ask you to please adhere to the following policies:


No make-up lessons will be arranged for illness, vacations, weather, holiday, and days off at school or sports conflicts.  You are paying for the slot you reserve and with the large number of students I teach I cannot make exceptions or attempt to reschedule lessons due to your conflict.  Of course, if I have to miss a lesson that lesson will be rescheduled. 

DO NOT COME TO LESSONS IF YOU ARE ILL OR YOU WILL BE SENT HOME.  My auto-immune disorder makes me vulnerable to illness and it is not fair if one person comes sick to a lesson and then I have to cancel lessons for all students as a result.  This disorder may result in schedule changes from time to time.  I would ask for your patience and understanding in this respect, since I hold myself – as well as my students – to a high standard, and I will always provide makeup lessons for lesson I miss due to illness.  I will not tolerate negative attitudes or comments regarding this disorder (I feel badly enough when I have to cancel!) and if rescheduling a lesson due to illness is a problem for you then I encourage you to find other instruction.

The Lesson Switching Sheet is a tool that I provide to help so that you may use to re-arrange lessons with other students if you cannot make your regular lesson time.  All schedule changes must be approved 24 hours in advance and cannot be made into the next week.  Please respect others by only calling or texting between 9am-9pm.  Students who use the switching sheet almost always have success in finding someone to switch.


 ATTENDANCE:  I do not like students to miss more than 3 lessons per semester.  Students who have more than 3 unexcused absences will be dropped from the studio.  The studio is for serious study and I am serious about your progress. 

MASTERCLASS is a group learning experience.  Students are expected to participate and attendance is mandatory.  Students that miss 3 consecutive lessons or masterclasses without explanation may be dropped from the studio.  Students may also be dropped for habitual unpreparedness, negative attitude, and poor attendance.  It is not fair to others who are serious about study to have to sit on the waiting list.



Contact the studio for more information.

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