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2015 North Dakota Federation of Music Clubs
Festival Information Page

This year's festival is Saturday, February 14
at UND's Hughes Fine Arts Center
You will receive your individual time at your lesson this week.
You need two books of each song for your performance. Please bring your book of 
the songs you will be performing.  I will also have a crate of books available outside 
the room for you to use during your performance.  We are in need of several parent 
volunteers this year who will assist you in your audition process.  Please let me know 
if your parent would be willing to help.

Participation in this festival is mandatory and very important
to your growth as an artist.
Feedback from judges is one way we gather information about your progress.
This is an excellent opportunity for growth and we do it each year.  

For this festival you sing two selections for a judge; one from a prepared list and the 
other of our choosing.  Please work on these songs and have them prepared when 
you come back after Christmas break so we can work on technique and perfect them.
You will then sing for a judge and get a critque and comments along with a rating of 
either Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair, or Needs Improvement.  
These ratings provide points that are compiled towards a Gold Cup of Achievment.

Who Will Accompany Me?
Marlys Murphy, Karen Braaten, Alyce Stokke, Ruth Ann Tuseth,and David Henrickson will accompany all auditions.
Accompanist fee is $15 to be paid at your rehearsal.

What is the Particiation Fee?
Please remember to bring your $15 participation fee at your lesson in January
so that I could enroll the studio in a timely manner.  

My Philosophy on participating in event's such as NDFCM Festive
Each time you sing and have a performing experience you get another piece
of the puzzle.
The pieces form the artist that you will become.
Experiences like Festival are positive ways to get another piece of the puzzle.
Each piece may not make sense the moment you get it, but eventually you will see 
how that piece fit in with the other pieces that have formed and shaped you as a 
singer; that's why I provide these experiences for you.
Please embrace the experience and work hard to do well and go get your piece!

Billie Holiday