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Press Reviews

"Without a Butterfly there is no Madama Butterly.  The latest IU 
Opera Theater Incarnation had a Butterfly on opening night.  
There is no question that musically and musicodramatically 
Williams is Butterfly.  She gave wing to Puccini's oft-soaring flights of melody.  She gave us vocally and interpretively the girlish innocence and trust and hope that Puccini ascribed to the Japanese maiden.  Her voice has beauty, body, and range.  
Climaxes were thrilling to hear.  But Williams excelled in coloristic touches that gave heightened meaning to smaller moments:  a flash of anger, a sob, a mother's tenderness.  Such subtleties completed the characterization of this opera's tragic heroine.  
Wiliams combined the grand and the minature; she formed a 
character."~Ian Spelling

"Maria Williams, as Mimi, needed no warm 
up.  Her lovely, spun soprano was in 
full focus and bloom from the start.  
One hears poignancy in her voice.  It is 
capable of painting notes in aural 
colors.  Williams was at one with the 
role.  Tenderness or playfulness, 
confusion or despair, each emotion 
extended outward into the atmosphere and 
certainly into the emotional heart of 
the listener.  The performance brought 
forth my tears.  Poor, dear Mimi."  
~Peter Jacobi
"It's a magnificent musical moment 
one of those in which Mozart indelibly 
paints tones of love and anguish and 
fear all in one radiant melody.  Yes, 
paints tones.  And soprano Maria 
Williams became the canvas on which, 
through which a listener could 
experience what the composer must 
have had in mind.  Williams, with clear, 
ranging voice to command, gave 
heartfelt and beautious life to those 
feelings and in doing so gave the 
performance that necessary lift toward 
excellence.  Here in Maria Williams 
one had the makings of a winner in the 
profession.  Williams conquered the 
daunting tricks and fire of the role."
~Peter Jacobi

"The voice of an angel visited us in tonight's performance.  Williams outshone them all.  Williams displayed the maturity and control of a 
seasoned performer who was made to sing dramatic opera.  Her tone was so expressive  and rich that even  her pianissimo high
notes still contained a forward momentum as they rang throughout the hall.  This is a voice rich in rare beauty and brilliant technical skills.  Voices of this beauty are a gift to the soul."~Elizabeth Russell
?rio (Norma)