The Bel Canto Studio of Voice

The Art of Beautiful Singing

Bel Canto Studio Philosophy and Artistic Standards


1.  Each student will participate in all recitals, auditions, competitions and Masterclass as the Instructor sees crucial to their development as an artist.

This furthers artistic development and growth and aids in the development

of a singing vocabulary which is a necessary tool of the singer.



2.  Students will pay in a timely manner.

This shows respect for the work your Instructor is doing with you.




3.  Studen

ts will call if they are going to miss a lesson before the lesson is missed.

This shows respect for your Instructor’s time.



4.  All Students will sing in foreign languages.

This broadens your horizons and makes you a well-rounded singer.




5.  When preparing for a role or performance, all music must be worked with the Instructor before singing it in public.

This ensures you are doing your best work in public as a professional.




6.  All Students will be civic minded and perform one civic duty per year.

This teaches you that we have an obligation to use the talents we have been given.



7.  Students will be prepared and be concerned about their own artistic growth

 and curiosity.

This teaches you the lesson that learning is the Student’s responsibility.



8.  Students will be patient enough to realize that learning to sing is an applied art form. It takes time and diligence.  Students must be willing to make the

time to practice every day and be prepared for each lesson.

This teaches discipline and perseverance, which are crucial to an artist.



9.  Students will learn to be good colleagues and behave in a professional manner.  This means providing adequate music and timely payment of accompanists and treating others with respect in regards to where they are

in their artistic development.

Students may not have lessons with other instructors without permission.

This teaches discipline and respect for others and will make you employable as an artist.

Students will set high standards for themselves in order to stretch and grow artistically.



10.   It’s not “good enough” until it’s GOOD!

This teaches you to aim high, set higher standards, and achieve on a much higher level.

"Sheltered safely in each soul dwells the song which makes us whole."

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