The Bel Canto Studio of Voice

The Art of Beautiful Singing


 is Brody Katka!

 Brody is student of the month for his disciplined and determined approach to learning technique and mastering vocal artistry. Brody always gives 110% and works hard to accomplish goals and volunteers whenever necessary to help. He is a good colleague and has high standards of professionalism.


Bravo, Brody!

 Brody is the recipient of a gift card of his choice and has chosen Twix for October's candy.

Thank you to Gabby, Ella, Chloe, Rebecca, Locutus, Asa, Jordan, Sydney, Mackenzie, and Makayla who performed for the Big Forkin Festival at the Empire on October 1st! 

It was a wonderful night full of fun entertainment!  Bravo!


Emma Lyste, Tatum Mosley, Victoria Rose Lee, Jace Toutenhoofd, and Lexii Gordon for singing for Lake Agassiz Reading Council's "Celebration of Literacy" today.

This event was emceed by Terry Dullum at Arbor Park at 4:30pm. 

 Singers sang  songs that tell stories. The singers also stayed to help little ones with their reading. Great cause, great singers! Thank you!


CONGRATULATIONS to Bel Canto September Student of the Month Gabby Halliday. Gabby was chosen as Student of the Month for her dedication to learning proper technique, her willingness to sing at any event, her positive and disciplined attitude regarding her progress, and her enthusiastic support of her colleagues. 

 She is the recipient of a Gift Card of her choice and she gets to pick the candy of the month. 

 Brava, Gabby!

The Bel Canto Studio  Roster is now full for the 2015-16 Season.

If you would like to be placed on the Waiting List please email Maria at [email protected].

Welcome back all returning students!

A special welcome to new students:

Kaitlyn Werner, Josh Amundson, Caitlyn Gordon, Daysha Ramsey,

Makayla Lambl, Seth Brandl, Casey Hennesey, Ruby Erickson, Kyra Bostad, Luke Anderson, Autumn Rarick, Anna Lapp, Claire Lapp, Molly Peterson, Abby Anderson, Jonas Ferguson, and Molly Pasley.

I so look forward to all the amazing singing that will be happening this year!

Hooray!  Thank you for studying at Bel Canto!


Additional Studio Space=Achieved!

With hard work from Tucker Pearson, Brady Ritland, Gabby Halliday, Chloe McCarthy, Calli Medley, and Drew Relling we were able to finish the additional office this week.

This office will be used when you are preparing recital and festival pieces so you don't have to go elsewhere. 

Thanks for all your hard work, Gang!  We think it looks really nice.


Thank you for all for your great work this week with the recitals! So proud!
Thank you to Marlys Knudson Murphy for making us sound great and saving our lives many times!...

 Thank you to Office Assistants Bits Hoplin, Cameron Pederson, Juliet WolfeTyler Gerszewski, Tucker Pearson, Sarah Gellerman, Chloe McCarthy, and Rebecca Rage for their work this weekend to make things run smoothly. Good job! (except for the banner).
Thanks also to Colin Kennedy for help with the Power Point Presentation.

David Henrickson will be teaching for me Monday and Tuesday so I can collapse in a heap from this weekend! Please finish up your Spring Semester Repertoire and Seniors continue your recital work. If any of you seniors who have completed your recitals would like to save your last two lessons for an hour when you get ready to leave in the fall so you are prepared for auditions, let me know.

Registration will be closed as of Tuesday to give a few stragglers time to get their Registration and Fees in. Due to my ignorance of the extended Spring Semester, Summer Lessons will begin on June 8 instead of the 1st as scheduled, as most of you are still in school! Lessons will be extended to include the week of August 17-21 to make the schedule right. Sorry, I am just not used to this calendar yet!

These last two weeks are makeup lesson weeks and not part of our original schedule. Please attend! There are also makeup lessons going on this weekend as well. This should get us right for the year. I cannot thank you enough for your patience this year. I think this has been one of the hardest years I have ever had for health but I am encouraged by the answers and medications given at Mayo that seem to be helping already.

Thank you for putting up with my erratic schedule. Next year will be better.
Thank you, David Henrickson, for filling in for me and giving the student some great feedback and help.

Have a wonderful 2 weeks and be proud of the work you have accomplished! I know I am!

Thank you for a wonderful year. Love to all!

THIS WEEK AT BEL CANTO: May 11-16 Recital Week
Schedule of Rehearsals with Marlys Knudson Murphy
Monday: Class of 2015
Tues: HS
Wed: HS
Thurs: Elem/MS
All rehearsals are at Central. Enter the door across from the parking ramp.
Call Marlys' cell at 701-330-4130 if you get lost.
She will have your music. This is just a short rehearsal to prepare you for dress rehearsal. I will post the schedule.

Please make sure you check the FB event pages to see the program order and the proper spelling of your piece and your name. I will be printing the programs on Thursday and there will be no changes at that point. Since you will have had fair warning there will be no reprinting for errors after that time.

Elem/MS: May 16 at 11:00 Dress and 1:00 Recital
HS: May 15 at 4:00 Dress and May 16 at 3:00 Recital
Class of 2015: May 16 at 6:00 Dress and May 17 at 6:00 Recital
We will be going in order for dress rehearsal, only changes are ones that are cleared ahead of time. Otherwise, you sing at your time.

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your recital.
All recitals and dress rehearsals are held at the Josephine Campbell Recital Hall in the Hughes Fine Arts building at the University of North Dakota. Hughes shares a parking lot with the Chester Fritz.

Dress for Elem/MS is semi Formal (Ladies dresses or skirts) and Gentlemen dress slacks and dress shoes)  
Dress for HS and Class of 2015 is FORMAL. (Ladies long dresses with heels  and Gentlemen dress shirt and ties and dress shoes)
No flip flops or tennis shoes, seriously you will sent home to change!

You are allowed to leave after your dress rehearsal song is over.
I expect all of you to stay for the duration of the recital.
You learn a great deal from watching your peers.

Some of you have still not paid tuition. This must be paid before the recital.

are due in the studio by May 15th. You can find the Registration form on this site. Please bring completed form and first tuition to the studio by May 15 to keep your slot. As is usual in May, I have a long waiting list and I have people calling every day trying to secure a spot. If I have not received your Registration form and fees by May 15 your lesson slot may be reassigned.

Please make sure you are totally memorized and completely prepared for this recital to give your best performance. I want you to enjoy yourself and do your best and that requires discipline and focus. Please give it your best


Please come out and support Bri Molmen as she performs in her Senior Recital at Sharon Lutheran Church Sunday at 7:00. Seniors should be attending every recital and I would expect the rest of you to attend at least 1-2 to know what's coming ahead for you and to support your friends and be a good colleague! Also singing Breanna Rochelle McLain, Taylor Robinson, Ducks, Michelle Manthei, Melanie Schindler, Emily Holter, Blake Slama, and Brianna's Dad! See you there!

is Michelle Manthei!

 Michelle is Student of the Month for her disciplined approach to learning technique, her mature professionalism, and her determination to conquer all obstacles in her way to sing well!

 Michelle is the recipient of a gift card of her choice and she gets to pick the May studio candy.



is due at your lesson this week. Thank you for your timely payment.

You have all been assigned makeup lesson times with either myself or David. Let me know if you do not know your time.
If you do not show for your makeup time you forfeit the lesson.

We will be copying your music for Marlys and putting it in sleeves.
Marlys has requested you bring the music to your rehearsal.
All music should be memorized by this lesson.

You will be signing up for your individual rehearsal times with Marlys. Elem/MS rehearses May 14.
HS rehearses May 12 or 13.
Class of 2015 rehearses May 11.
All rehearsals are at Central Music using the entrance across from the parking ramp.
Marlys Knudson Murphy's Cell is 701-330-4130

Please remember that dress for recital is formal.
Ladies: Long dresses with heels
Gentlemen: Shirts and ties with dress slacks and dress shoes.
Elem/MS may wear short dresses.

Please check out the Facebook Event Pages for each recital to see what you are singing and when your dress rehearsal is.

are due May 15th to reserve your spot. I have a large number of students on the waiting list so if I do not receive your registration and fees by May 15th your time may be reassigned. There is a Registration Form on this page. I will also have some available at the studio.

We are well on our way to Senior Recital Season! Please make sure you come out and support students in this endeavor. Seniors should be attending all recitals. Juniors: you should be attending at least 1-2 to see what you will need to accomplish next year. Support your colleagues!

Have a wonderful week! Thank you for being such good students.


Pizza with a Princess and Altru Pediatric Romp and Read are both Thursday. If you are involved in these events please make sure you read the event pages to know when and where you need to be. We are also in need of volunteer bussers at Pizza Ranch on Thursday so the girls do not have to get their beautiful costumes dirty! If any of you or your friends or family would like to help by busing tables please let me know! We would be grateful ...for your help.

Makeup lessons have been scheduled and I will be messaging you each Sat. and Sun. to remind you of your lesson. If you have any questions let me know.

May tuition begins to be due this week at your lesson. Thank you for your timely payment. May is an expensive month (especially with the new insurance requirement for the recital!) and having your tuitions in at the right time really helps. Thanks!

The deadline for Summer Registration and Fees is Wednesday, May 15th.
I have a larger than usual number of students on the waiting list so I have to adhere to this date to know if I will have any open spots. I will attach the Summer Registration File here. You can print it out and drop it off with your 1st Summer Payment to reserve your spot. I will also have sheets at the studio if you want to pick one up there.

Thank you for being such a great studio.

I think I am well enough to teach and will be back this week. I am working on a plan for makeup lessons and we will go over that and confirm times in your lesson this week. I will be doing some makeup lessons and so will David Henrickson so that I can get them all made up to you. I appreciate your patience as this has been an unusual year.

APRIL 25 at 7:00 in the EGF Performing Arts Center is Cameron Pederson's Senior Recital. I expect ...all of you to come out and support Cam in his big day!

9-12 Pancakes with a Princess at the EGF VFW
5:00 Music on the Edge at The First Presbyterian Church
5:00 Masterclass replaced with dress rehearsal for All That Jazz
7:30 All That Jazz at Firehall
PRINCESS PEOPLE: Please make sure you have your costumes and characters ready. Go over your song at your lesson.
EDGE PEOPLE: Make sure your group comes to someone's lesson to go over your pieces as it has been awhile!
JAZZ PEOPLE: Go over your song at your lesson. You must have it memorized by your lesson to sing on Sunday.


Check the Event pages to be sure I have down the correct solo for the Spring Recital. Please send me any corrections of spellings as well.

Congrats to Brigadoon people and good luck to Idol People!

Busy, busy weeks ahead. Stay healthy!


 BRIGADOON! Red River High School's Production of Brigadoon opens this week. Please come out and support your colleagues in this fun production.

Since so many of you are missing this week it will be nearly impossible to find a switcher. If you would like we can do a group vocalize class next Sunday at 8pm instead of your lesson this week. Let me know by liking this post if you want to do the class

ARTWISE: is this Wed and Thurs at the Alerus.
Please check the list on the event page for updated information.
Please arrive 20 minutes before you sing.
Please bring you accompaniment CD.
Someone from Bel Canto will be there to assist you. I will let you know your contact person's name soon.
DISNEY PEOPLE: Come in costume and be prepared to sign and mingle.
POP SINGING PEOPLE: Dress homecoming style, semi-formal.
Please be professional and on your very best behavior as this is an event for children.

So many more events this month!
Sunday Makeup lessons (you should have been messaged)
Pancakes with a Princess-April 26 (9-noon EGF Legion)
Music on the Edge-April 26 (5:00 First Presbyterian Church)
All that Jazz-April 26 (7:30 Firehall)
Pediatric Ward Performance: April 30 (5:30 Altru)
Pizza with a Princess: April 30 (5-9 Pizza Ranch)

CLASS OF 2015: You should be well into the memorization process by this point. Please confirm all performers and keep working hard!


Have a great week and stay healthy!!

What's New at the Bel Canto Studio?

Lots of things coming up! Please check out events pages on this page to make sure you know if you are performing. At this point you are committed to singing. I will not accept any cancellations after this week. Please do your best to be prepared and sing your best.
*Princess People: Let me know if you need a costume ASAP so I can arrange for time for you to go to Firehall to look for one.

APRIL 7: Military Child Month at GFAFB. Lexii Gord...on, Lauren Sanner, Ally Kvidt, and Parent volunteer: Amy Sanner

APRIL 15-16: Artwise at the Alerus Center 4:00-8:00

APRIL 19: SPA Opera Auditions Red River 2:00

APRIL 25: Cam Pederson Senior Recital 7:00 EGF PAC

APRIL 26: Pancakes with a Princess, EGF Legion 9:00-12:00

APRIL 26: Masterclass Vocal Terminology-PEZ

APRIL 26: All that Jazz Firehall 7:30

APRIL 30: Pizza with a Princess 5-8:00 Pizza Ranch

I could use parent volunteers for the Artwise, Pancakes, and Pizza Events. Please let me know if you are willing to help out!

I will have your solos posted on the Recital Event Pages this week. Start working on them because time flies in April and May!

Have a great week!

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Cameron Pederson, Bel Canto 2015 April Student of the Month!

  Cam is Student of the Month for his focus, his work ethic, his strength of purpose in learning, his technical progress, and his love of music. 

 Cam is the recipient of a gift card of his choice and he gets to pick the candy for the month. Bravo, Cam!


 Jozy Hansen, Bel Canto Alum who made it to the final rounds for The Voice competition in Chicago. 

 She will be on TV some time in March.
Jozy is a Central Graduate. We are pulling for you, Jozy!

CONGRATULATIONS TO:  Maddy Salyers March 2015 Bel Canto Student of the Month!

Maddy is Student of the Month for her dedication to improving her vocal technique, her ability to take on any challenge with determination and skill, and the fact that this year she worked hard to compete in 2 different categories of NDFMC (4 songs to memorize), received Superior scorings in both, and will receive Gold Cups for both in the Spring Recital. 

Brava! Maddy is the recipient of a Sephora Gift Card and has chosen Butterfingers for the candy of the month. Good work, Maddy!

MASTERCLASS: Great job at Masterclass today Tucker Pearson, Adam Giebner, Brady Ritland, and Breanna Rochelle McLain! Beautiful singing and great meditating! If meditation can produce that kind of results it is worth the effort!

Thank you for your timely payment!

St. Michael's Church St. Patrick's Luncheon-March 14
All That Jazz-A Firehall Fundraiser-March 15
Disney Salute to the Military Child-April 7
Firehall Pancakes with a Princess Breakfast-April 29

Check the events pages to see if you are involved and what you are singing. Get to work!

There are two days of makeup lessons this week.
I will message you if you are scheduled.
Even though GFPS do not have classes we still do!

CLASS OF 2015:
I am arranging time with your pianists for the week I am in Mayo if any of you would like to make up a lesson then. I think it would be a great opportunity to run through with your accompanist.

These people will assist you in recital needs (programs, setting up, cleaning up after, receptions).
Please confirm with them what you want to them to do.
Adam & Emily=Brady Ritland
Cam= Brody Katka
Mel=Tucker Pearson
Maddy=Elena Cummings
Tyler=Anthony Schreier
Michelle=Rebecca Rage
Kate=Ella Dostal
Breanna & Taylor=Tiffany Sorenson
Bits=Seth Cline
Julia=Sarah Gellerman
Bri=David Moreno

I hope you have a great week! If you are on the Orchestra Trip make sure to switch your lesson so you don't miss it!

THIS WEEK AT BEL CANTO: February 16-20

You will be getting your scoring sheets and certificates at your lesson this week. Congratulations on your good work!

Singers will perform Tuesday, Feb. 17 at Trinity Free Lutheran Church 3426 Chestnut Street. Please arrive 20 minutes before your assigned time to sing. Cameron Pederson will be there as Office Assistant to help you get your books. Look for his Bel Canto Jacket....
Alternate Date Singers are: Magdalene Spicer, Gabby Spicer, Seth Cline, Francie Shaft, Lauren Sanner, Trevor Weiland, Ashley Combs, Anthony Schreier, Daisy Hou, Sydney Warcup, Ally Kvidt, Alexis Lee Bushy, Gabby Halliday, Brady Ritland, Ella Dostal.

Masterclass on February 22 from 5-6:30. Please let me know if you would like to sing!
Saint Patrick's Day Luncheon at St. Michael's Church. For those of you singing, please start your memorization work now!

We will be having two days of makeup lessons at the end of the month Feb 26-27 when you are off school.
I will let you know at your lesson if you need to sign up and will have a sign up sheet at your lesson this week.

Have a wonderful week. I am very proud of the way you have conducted yourself,not only at Festival but at the Lions Club, at the Inn at Maple Crossing, and at all events you share your gift of song.
I am always impressed with your willingness to help and share your beautiful voices.
You are great singers and even greater human beings.
Thank you.


The Inn at Maple Crossing Singers

Brody Katka, Juliet Wolfe, Bits Hoplin, Cameron Pederson, Adam Giebner, and Emily Holter.

It was a wonderful evening of beautiful singing, great food, and much laughter.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift!

Thank you and Bravo to:

Lion's Club Singers:

Landon Swallow, Brody Katka, Brady Ritland, Locutus Lo, Asa Lo, Sydney Skaro, Emily Holter, and Adam Giebner. 

Your audience LOVED you and your beautiful songs.

Thank you for giving back to your community and to this respected organization that does so much good for our community.



Please work hard this work to get your songs in tip top shape. Memorization and preparedness is half the battle and totally within your control. You have had your music since before Christmas so you should be completely ready for this event.

Please make sure you rehearse with your accompanist on Thurs. or Friday. I have attached the rehearsal schedule to this post. I will post the audition times to this post this afternoon.
Please make sure you pay your accompanist $20 at the time of your rehearsal. Do not forget! Part of what I want to teach you as singers is respect for your accompanist and that includes paying them in a timely fashion for the work they do for you! All accompanist must be paid before they play for you on Saturday.

You are required to have two books for each song. One for the judge and one for the pianist. I will have Bel Canto Assistants on site to help you get your books. Please check in with them and return them to them immediately after singing so others can use them. Office Assistants will be wearing their Bel Canto Jackets.
Office Assistants working from 9-12:00 Tyler Gerszewski & Juliet Wolfe
Office Assistants working from 12:00-4 Bits Hoplin
Office Assistant working the Tues, Feb. 17 Alt Day is Cameron Pederson
They will answer any questions you have and help you.

Please dress appropriately for this event.
Please look as though you are properly groomed and take pride in your appearance.
Ladies: Short homecoming dresses or skirts with heels.
Gentlemen: Dress slacks with dress shirts and ties.
No tennis shoes or flip flips (yes, I even have to make that clear in Feb!)

Arrive at least 20 minutes before you are schedule to sing.
Enter the room when door attendant tells you to do so.
Parents are allowed to watch.
Greet the judge and state your name and what you are singing with the name of the composer as well.
When you are finished thank the judge and your pianist.
Please be polite to all NDFMC staff and conduct yourself as professionals.
You should get your results immediately and will get your comments and certificate at your lesson next week.
Sing your best!

This event is Thursday, Feb. 11 at The Red Roof Inn
Dress is homecoming style. This is a Valentine's Banquet.
The Lion's Club is a local philanthropic group and we are honored to provide a service to them.
Please switch with someone to make sure you get in to run your song before Wednesday. Let me know if you are interested in having the Buffet before so I can tell them. Please arrive by 7:10pm ready to sing.

Please make sure you have run your songs with me this week!
We will be leaving from the studio at 5:15pm on Saturday.
The Inn provides you with a wonderful meal.
Dress is homecoming/Valentine's Style.
Myself and/or my husband will be providing transportation for you.
If you would rather drive yourself let me know.
The Inn is about an hour's drive.

Please be prepared to do your best!
I am proud of your efforts!


Bel Canto February Student of the Month! 

 Julia is Student of the Month for her discipline and dedication to the art of singing and music. Julia always exceeds my expectations and is prepared for every lesson and has come very far in her understanding of technique. She is an excellent singer and musician. Brava! Julia has picked Milky Ways for the Candy of the Month and is the recipient of a Bel Canto Shirt. Yay, Julia!

Welcome to February! Tuition is due at your lesson this week. 

 Thank you for your timely payment.

Festival time is upon us! You will be getting your info sheet with your performance time, your rehearsal time, and the books necessary for your Feb. 14th performance. All music should be memorized by this week.


Please be prepared to sing your song at your lesson this week!

We will be signing up for Summer and Fall lesson slots at your lesson this week. I have an extensive waiting list and need to be able to know if I have any openings for the people on the list. Please make sure you find a time for yourself. You will be given two reminder cards to take with you.

Good luck to all Rider Idol Participants tomorrow! Come out and support your colleagues!

18 Days until NDFMC! You should have at least half of each of your songs memorized by now. Please know your composers and translations of foreign language songs as well. It will be here before you know it and I want you to do your best! You have all been assigned accompanists and rehearsal times and I will be posting that information shortly.

CLASS OF 2015:
I have seen most of your binders by this point. Good work on compiling them. Please make sure your accompanists get them by the end of the month. Please continue to work on your weekly memorization goals so you are well prepared

MASTERCLASS will be made up FEB. 23.
We will go a little longer to make up for yesterday and will meet from 5-6:30 and cover the topics of Vocal Tone and also Bel Canto Terminology so start asking definitions if you want to earn your PEZ!
Singers will be Tucker Pearson, Anthony Schreier, Melanie Schindler, and Sarah Gellerman. Remember that Masterclass attendance is mandatory for grades 9-11. Accepted excuses are Church and Family events. Work excuses are allowed once. You have the entire month to request the time off so I expect you to do so. Masterclass is an important part of your learning.

I will be setting up a makeup lesson schedule for those lessons I missed last week at your lesson this week. I want to make sure we stay caught up!

is Monday at Central! Please come out and support Landon Swallow and Juliet Wolfe!


to Brady Ritland, Tiffany Sorenson, Rebecca Rage, Daisy Hou, Sarah Gellerman, Victoria Lee, Melanie Schindler, Bits Hoplin, Locutus & Asa Lo, and Mackenzie Bucklin for performing the National Anthem for the Hockey Tournament this past weekend. I really appreciate you jumping in to help! Bravo!

at 6:30pm - 9:00pm

 Join friends of the Brad Sanner family for an Old Fashioned Variety Show and Silent Auction sponsored by NDAD on January 15 from 6:30 - 9:00pm at the Empire Arts Center.

Guest appearances by the North Dakota Ballet Company & Academy, Mairi and Maura C. Ferguson, singers from the Bel Canto Studio, the Grand Cities Children's Choir, Red River High School Music and Theater Departments, the Northern Valley Youth Orchestras, the Downtown Horns, and more!

If you are interested in contributing to the silent auction, please contact Kim Novak at [email protected] or call (701) 739-5753.

Tickets: $20 adults, $10 children 12 and younger. Tickets are availab...le in advance or at the door. For advance tickets, please contact Deb Johnson at [email protected] or call (701) 741-3322. Thrivent Financial will provide a $500 match for $1,500 in funds raised.

Please help us spread the word about this fundraiser by sharing a poster or inviting friends to the Facebook event. Posters are available at

I am so happy to be back teaching you! We will continue to work on Festival Pieces to prepare for our upcoming Festival.

JANUARY JAZZ: I am working on an alternative date with Kathy. It may be February but I will let you know soon.

CLASS OF 2015: I want to see your binders at your lesson this week.
Please bring them to your lesson.

Thank you for your patience this week. David said you all did a very good job and he enjoyed working with you. I have missed you!

THIS WEEK AT BEL CANTO: December 15-21
Busy, busy week! Please be prepared and ready to do your best!

Please meet at the Myra Museum at 7:00pm on Thursday. I will know which building soon. Dress in holiday attire.
This event involves Sophia Maruska, Juliet Wolfe, Lauren Sanner, Lexii Gordon, Emily Holter, Sarah Gellerman, Victoria Rose Lee, Ally Kvidt, Faith Hoverson, and Brody Katka.

3:30 Magdalene Laura Bohlman Spicer
3:40 Juliet & Oliver Wolfe
3:50 Nathan Sandy
4:00 Jeana Wilde & Jiselle McGurran
4:10 Avery Dusterhoft & Morgan Uhlir


4:20 Aiden & Julia Krogh
4:30 Tatum Mosley
4:40 Mairi & Jonas Ferguson
4:50 Ashley Combs 

  ELEM/MS DRESS REHEARSAL: Sat, Dec. 20 at 1:00 Firehall
ELEM/MS HOLIDAY RECITAL: Sun., Dec. 21 at 1:00 Firehall.
Please dress up in holiday attire!

• 11:30 Meet at Bel Canto for quick rehearsal
• 12:30 Valley 4000
• 1:00 Macy's
• 1:30 Scotts Music
• 2:00 Fire Station on Demers
Sopranos: Maia Jackson, Ella Dostal, Daisy Hou, Sarah Gellerman, Maddy Salyers, Alexis Bushy
Altos: Rebecca Rage, Ashley Combs, Gabby Halliday, Melanie Schindler, Juliet Wolfe, Kate Ericson
Tenors: Locutus Lo, Asa Lo, Anthony Schreier, Brady Ritland, David Moreno
Basses: Brian Aafedt, Jordan Holwerda, Tucker Pearson, Casey Dingle, Adam Giebner

Topic: Vocal Tone
Singers: Anthony Schreier, Tucker Pearson, Melanie Schindler

The Bel Canto Studio is closed Dec. 22-Jan. 4 for Holiday Break.
Lessons Resume Monday, January 5th.

Have a great week!

December is here and musically busy!

Your music for the upcoming recital should be memorized by now. If you are doing a duet please make sure to come to both your lesson and your duet partner's lesson this week so we can be properly prepared.
Rehearsals with Marlys are Dec. 19th at Firehall. Check the event page for more info. I will post your time to come soon.


 Singers who are singing for this event should make sure their song is memorized this week and if you are doing a duet I need to hear that as well. This event is Dec. 18th and coming up quickly so please be prepared!
The complete program is posted on the event page.

We have round #2 of carolers this Saturday. Please check the list and come to the studio at 11:30 to practice on Saturday. This event is a lot of fun!

CLASS OF 2015: By now your Senior Recital should be fully planned.
Make sure to confirm venue and accompanist and get all your music copied and put into 2 binders (one for you and one for the accompanist) over break. If you follow the steps I have outlined for you your Senior Recital will be a pleasant experience! You can't cram for this kind of event.


Have a wonderful week and don't forget to go out and See Christmas Pageant at Red River and Snow Angel at Central and support your colleagues in these fun Holiday shows. Break all your legs!

Congratulations to Bel Canto December Student of the Month Bits Hoplin! Bits is Student of the Month for her dedication to learning to develop her sound, range, classical technique, and belt voice! Bits is a natural fun-loving leader and a disciplined musician. She always wants others to do their best and does all she can to encourage others to do their best as well. She has chosen a hat for her gift and has chosen Heath Bars for Candy of the Month (only after I turned her down for cans of black olives). Brava!

I know I am posting this early but December is a very busy month with weekly carolers, Elem/MS recitals, and other Holiday Events. I want you all to make sure you know what is coming up!
Please make sure you check the Events Sections of this page to know what you are involved in. Fun!
Lessons go until Dec. 20th this year! Then we are off until Jan. 5.


 are always done the 1st lesson of December. It is a way to monitor attendance, languages, and progress. It's important to do!
We go through your 1st semester and plan all repertoire choices for the 2nd semester at your lesson. We will also do your NDMFC form then.
Seniors: This is Senior Recital Planning Day! We will complete your program at this lesson so bring all your good ideas!
MAKEUP LESSONS: If it is determined you need a makeup lesson those will be scheduled for Saturday, January 3rd. More info to come.

Tuition is due at your lesson the 1st week in December.
The North Dakota Federated Music Club has made an earlier deadline for our submissions for Festival. I will need to collect your $20 Festival Fee at your 1st lesson in December along with normal tuition so I can submit our application in a timely manner. I have to write one large check so please either include it with your tuition or make a separate check to Bel Canto. Either way is fine.

Thank you for all your help in making things run smoothly!
See you soon!

SCHEDULED THANKSGIVING BREAK is this week, November 24-29th and we do not have lessons. I am teaching a few makeups here and there and there will be lessons scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday as usual as I missed those last week. I hope you all have a wonderful break and enjoy time with your families.

HS ENSEMBLE in 7 Days! I need to hear all ensembles this week.
Your ensemble needs a minimum score of 95 to perform in the recital.
You will be given posters to put up at your lesson this week.

DRESS REHEARSAL is Sunday, November 9 from 12-2.
You are not required to dress up for this or stay. Sing and go.
Sunday performance CALL TIME is 6:30pm at the Empire.
Be dressed, warmed up and ready to sing.
You are required to stay to the end of this recital when a group picture will be taken. This recital is 2 hours long. I expect you to be on your best and most professional behavior in the Empire building and treat the property with respect at all times. You are allowed to sit in the audience until 5 songs before your performance. You are also allowed to sit in the audience after you are through performing as well. Please spread the word as we want to raise some funds for The Empire!

Ensembles Requiring Piano:
Make sure you know when your group rehearses with Marlys this week:
Rehearsal Times with Marlys
Friday, November 7 at Central Music
• 3:30 You are My Music
• 3:50 Crazier Than You
• 4:10 Looking Glass River
• 4:30 Sul l’Aria
• 4:50 You Have Wings to Fly

Saturday, November 8 at Bel Canto
• 4:00 Lakme
• 4:20 The Dream Tree
• 4:40 Where in the World/How Could I Ever Know
• 5:00 I’ve Decided to Marry You
• 5:20 Candle on the Water
• 5:50 Sun and Moon
• 6:10 At the Ballet

ELEM/MS: Keep practicing your Holiday Songs! It will be here before you know it!

CLASS OF 2015: I need your recital preliminary arrangement sheets I gave to you at Masterclass filled out and turned in this week.

NOVEMBER TUITION: Is due at your lesson this week. I appreciate your timely payment this month as it is an expensive month with the recital.
Thank you for your timely payment.

Have a wonderful week and practice! It's not good enough until it is GOOD!



Bel Canto November Student of the Month!

  Brady is student of the month for his dedication to always doing the best job he can possibly do in any situation, his generous nature in always being helpful and supportive of his colleagues, and his mature and thoughtful approach to being a good and disciplined artist. 

 Bravo, Brady!


 Brady received a Bel Canto TShirt and has picked Butterfingers as the Candy of the Month. 

Go, Brady!

BEL CANTO SAYS BOO!  Congratulations to all involved in making Bel Canto Says Boo, our Fundraiser for Firehall Theater a success!  We raised $500 which was our goal!  Bravo!!

Singers were Aiden Krogh, Cameron Pederson, Bits Hoplin, Seth Cline, Tyler Gerszewski, Morgan Uhlir, Ally Kvidt, Jaylin Perrault, Faith Hoverson, Mairi Ferguson, Jonas Ferguson, Locutus Lo, Asa Lo, Mackenzie Bucklin, and Sydney Skaro!  Thank you for a wonderful evening of fun!

Thanks also to Brady Ritland for tech assistance!

THIS WEEK AT BEL CANTO! October 27-November 1

SCHEDULE CHANGE: We DO have lessons this week. I will take the week I had scheduled to take off at another time. We are too close to recitals to miss time!


Every day this week I will have Ensemble of the Day Winner which I will post on FB. Ensemble of the Day Winners get extra candy. I will also give each ensemble a score this week and I expect all of you to be in the 90-95% range. Everything must be memorized now and you should have blocking and outfit ideas solidified by now as well. I will be in need of some ushers to pass around baskets at this recital as it is a fundraiser. If any of you have adorable siblings who would want to help please let me know! I will be posting the available rehearsal times for your ensemble to rehearse with Marlys this week so make sure your group finds a time that works for all. I am so pleased with your work ethic this year! Keep at it. This is going to be an excellent recital if you keep striving towards artistry!

ELEM/MS: Keep working on your Christmas Solos. Some of you will also be asked to sing for the Franklin Society Dec. 18th. Please keep working!

Yes, I will be rescheduling lessons after 5 on Halloween so you can go out and have some fun. I will message those involved.

This concert is ready to go! Please come and support your colleagues in this fun concert of Halloween songs. Students only pay $5 at the door.
We would love to see you there to raise some money for our beloved Firehall Theater. The time is 8:00 on Thursday night and the program will last 1 hour. Make sure to invite family & friends as well!

MASTERCLASS: is this Sunday at 5:00 at Firehall. The topic is Vocal Health and attendance is mandatory for grades 9-12 and will be taken.

Have a wonderful week. Make sure you are well rested and take care of yourselves! Thank you for being wonderful students.

HS ENSEMBLES:  This is memorization week.  ALL ENSEMBLES must be memorized this week so make sure you are prepared!  We will also make decisions on blocking and what your group will wear for your performance so please bring your creative ideas to the rehearsal!  Please make sure to be at one ensemble lesson this week and try to switch off so you are not always using the same person's time. 21 Days until you are in front of an audience!  Keep pushing yourself and your colleagues toward ARTISTRY!

The Altru Alliance Dinner is this Thursday at 7:30.  As it was last year, it will be held at Parkwood Senior Living. The Auditorium is on the Lower Level. The address is 749 S. 30th St.  [Directions: Coming from Washington and De Mers, the students would continue West on De Mers past Columbia. They will soon see Parkwood on the left and then turn left on the little access street (30th)]. There should be ample parking in front or back of the building. 
Please be there dressed in semi-formal attire (Ladies shorter homecoming style dresses with heels and Gentlemen with dress slacks, shoes, and shirts with ties at 7:10pm ready to sing. 
Singers for this event are:  Brody Katka, Juliet Wolfe, Locutus Lo, Asa Asavinsaifa Fajtim Lo, Sarah Gellerman, Cameron Pederson, Bits Hoplin, Melanie Schindler, and Landon Swallow.  Your song choices are on the Event Page.  Please make sure you sing your song at your lesson this week as well!  This will serve at your Community Service Requirement for the year.  Thank you!

is this Saturday, Oct. 25th at 4:00 at the Empire.
Singers are Ella Dostal, Chloe McCarthy, Sydney Warcup, Gabby Halliday.
Your contact person is: Nicole Kringstad or Abby Mattson.  They will tell you where to go.  Dressy homecoming attire with heels is appropriate.   This will also serve as your Community Service Requirement for the year.  Thank you!

The fundraiser for the Firehall still has room for a few more performers on Oct. 30!  Please let me know if you are interested in singing.  This is a fun event and you get to dress up!

OCTOBER MASTERCLASS:  is this Sunday, October 26 at 5:00 at Firehall.  This is mandatory for grades 9-11.  See you there!

Have a wonderful week and please take time to take a good breath (diaphragmatic-intercostal please) and look at all the beautiful fall scenery happening right now!  It's a gift and it doesn't last long.
I hope the cast of OUR TOWN has a wonderful run.  If you haven't seen this play please do.  It's very moving!

Congratulations to Juliet Wolfe, Bel Canto October Student of the Month!

 Juliet is Student of the Month for her determined work ethic, her warm, supportive manner with colleagues, and her ability to be counted on to produce quality work with her technique and her professionalism. Brava, Juliet! Juliet has chosen Caramel Apple Suckers for the candy of the month and is the recipient of a Bel Canto hat!

High School Students: Please arrange to be at each other's lessons this week to work on your ensembles. You should have a good working knowledge of your pieces by now. I am excited to hear!

This applies to all students: I will have lists of various singing engagements you can participate in to fulfill your Community Service requirement with the studio. Please feel free to sign up!...
Caroling is fun and done throughout the month of December.
Nursing Homes can be done any weekend.
National Anthem for Hockey Games begins in October.

Thank you for a great Masterclass today! I hope you learned about the Studio Rules and The Vocal Pyramid and no one got hurt! Thank you to Taylor Robinson, Bits Hoplin, and Juliet for singing today. It was also nice to say our goodbyes to McKenzie L Netz who is also our September Student of the Month! McKenzie is Student of the Month for her dedication to learning proper technique in singing, her willingness to always be helpful, and her ability to be a warm and supportive colleague! Brava!
McKenzie is the recipient of a gift card of her choice, a custom made hat by Hats by Maura, and the candy of the month will be Peppermint Patties.

October tuition starts being due this week at your lesson.
Thank you for your timely payment!


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 at 5:00 at Firehall

TOPIC: Studio Rules and the Vocal Pyramid

 Singers: Bits Hoplin, Juliet Wolfe, Taylor Robinson, Brody Katka
Attendance at Masterclass is mandatory and will be taken.
Only pre-arranged absences will be excused.

See you Sunday!

HS Students: Continue work on your Ensembles and arrange to be at each other's lessons NEXT WEEK to run your ensembles. This means contacting your ensembles members to see which lesson works for everyone to come. If you are unsure of your groups members just ask!
You should all have a good working knowledge of your parts by now.
If any of you groups are prepared and would like to come to a lesson this week I am great with that as well.


Dress rehearsal is Sunday, November 9 from 12-2:30 at the Empire
Recital time is Sunday, November 9 at 7:00pm at the Empire
This recital will be a fundraiser for the Empire called "Singing for the Empire!"

We traditionally do a Duet and a Solo at recitals but with the numbers of students in this age category increasing so rapidly it doesn't seem practical anymore (unless we want 3 hour long recitals!) I still do want the students to experience singing a duet or trio so I have come up with a plan.
There are two recitals for this age group: The Holiday Recital and the Spring Recital. I have decided that students will sing a solo in one recital and a duet in the other recital. The student can choose which recital to sing their solo in and which recital to sing the ensemble selection. Please let your teacher know at your next lesson! I am also open to feedback from parents about this. If you would rather we just do two solos that would work as well.

EVENT SCHEDULE CHANGE (Please mark your calendars):
UND inadvertently double booked our Spring Recital with Laurie Guy's Piano recitals and we have worked out a compromise.

ELEM/MS: Recital Date is now Saturday, May 16 at 1:00.
Dress rehearsal will be like last year Saturday, May 16 at 11:00am.
We will be done at noon and students can have lunch and/or change outfits. This works best for kids who are in the Ballet Recital that weekend as well.

HS: Recital Date is now Saturday, May 16 at 3:00pm.
Dress rehearsal will be Friday, May 15 at 4:00pm.

CLASS OF 2015: Your recital date stays the same. Sunday, May 17th at 6:00pm. We will do a dress rehearsal on Friday, May 15 at 6:30pm. If you are a senior and unable to attend the dress rehearsal at that time let me know and I will fit you in earlier. I know some of you will have conflicts with Nancy's recital as well. I will work with you.

Please let me know if you have concerns or questions regarding this schedule change. We love Laurie Guy's Studio and want her event to go well, too! Scheduling in May is a landmine of events so I hope this works.

Thank you all for your consideration with not coming to lessons when you are ill. We want to keep the studio healthy! I appreciate your staying home to get well when ill. This also helps your school show casts as the virus often goes through a whole group! Stay healthy, Dear People.

Have a wonderful week and I will see you soon!

By now you should have received your ensemble assignments.
Please get busy learning them as soon as you can.
This recital's venue has been changed to the Empire Arts Center.
We will be having a Fundraising Recital for them entitle
"Singing for the Empire".
The week of Sept. 29 we will start coming to each other's lessons to run the Ensembles for the first time.  I would like you completely learned by then! 

We will be again performing the Bel Canto Says BOO!  Halloween recital as a fundraiser for Firehall Theater on Thurs., Oct. 30 at Firehall.
Singers are to choose a song to make into a Halloween song and wear an appropriate costume for your song.  Please let me know if you are interested.  This was fun last year!

As per our Studio Policy do NOT come to lessons if you are ill.
I have a compromised immune system which means I get sick easily and then for some time.  Please use the switching sheet if you are ill.
Students who come to their lessons ill will be sent home.  It is not fair to the others when EVERYONE has to miss their lesson because ONE person decided not to follow the policy and stay home.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

 Cameron Pederson (Seymour), Emily Holter (Audrey), and Brody Katka, (Orrin) and also ALSO Lexii Gordan who was cast as Crystal (one of the sassy trio girls) who were all cast as leads in EGF Senior High's upcoming production of Little Shop of Horrors!  Bravo and congrats.  This is a fun show!

Firehall Theater's productions of School of Rock and Vaudeville Revue have been cast as well! 

Congrats to Oliver Wolfe, Jaylin Perrault, Jace Tootenhoofd, and Emma Lyste who were cast in those productions. 

Bravo!  We look forward to seeing your shows!

Have a great work!  I am excited about the voices and progress I am hearing already this year.  Bravo!

 September 8-13

High School Ensemble Recital is all completed and assigned. You will get your music at your lesson this week. Woo hoo!

The Switching Sheet is done. If you need to switch your lesson time for any reason please find a suitable switcher on the sheet. Make sure you are polite when calling or texting, make sure you call or text between the hours of 9am-9pm only, no double switching, and always confirm with Maria. Failure to do so will compromise your ability to use the list in the future.

Have a great week!



AUDTIONS Sunday (7TH) and Monday (8th), 6:30 at Fire Hall 

 - children grades 1-10 for School House Rock and Old School: Vaudeville. 

 You need only attend one night. Prepare: a verse of a song or just sing us Happy Birthday.

  Show dates are Nov. 7-9, 13-16.

These are great opportunities!  Audition!

Congratulations to Locutus Lo, Asavinsaifa Fajtim Lo, Adam Giebner, Tiffany Sorenson, Ben Trenne, Brady Ritland, McKenzie Netz, Emily Holter, and Sydney Skaro who performed tonight for the Retired Teachers Banquet at the Ramada Inn. They got rave reviews for their performances from the teachers. Bravo! Very proud of you all.

This is the last week of Summer Lessons!

Lessons officially end August 22.

Thank you for a wonderful summer of learning.

Fall Lessons begin the 1st week of September!

See you soon!

The Cube is here!  The Bel Canto Studio now accepts Cube Visa or MasterCard payments for tuition.

There is a $5 charge for this service as I am charged a service fee for each transaction.  You are emailed a receipt of all payments.  Just let me know if this would be convenient for you! 


Thank you for your interest in study!

Please contact the studio if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for lessons. 

(The Fifth Element)